About Rosemarie

rosemarie nasta hallRosemarie Nasta-Hall is a Trance Healer  & Intuitive Medium. She has her own unique story of how she channels the Divine Family. She is committed to helping those who are suffering, whether it be, physically, mentally, or spiritually.

As a young adult, Rosemarie was fascinated by the spirit world. She would hear frequencies, see orbs and feel the energy of spirit. To try to understand and learn more about the spirit world she began to educate herself.

After her Grandmother died in 2014, she was severely heartbroken. She went to several mediums for readings to connect with her. They explained to Rosemarie that she was connecting with the other side. A family friend that passed away kept connecting with her. In an effort for her to realize she could communicate with the other side. He guided her to believe how many beautiful gifts she had.

In the meantime, Bishop Clarke channeled for her that she could connect not only with loved ones/spirits but with the Celestial Realm. He gave her messages and guided her on what she needed to do to relieve people that were sick.  Rosemarie is certified in Reiki 1 and 2. She has studied Psychic Mediumship, Trance Development, and Platform Mediumship with local and international teachers.

Rosemarie channels and is a conduit for all the Saints, Archangels, Mother Mary, Jesus & God’s white light. It is her deep connection with Saint Padre Pio that she is best known for. When Rosemarie is channeling healing either for an individual or group, St. Padre Pio and the Divine merges with her soul, and they become one.  She is able to do remote and bi-location long-distance healing. She does many healing events in group settings. She has helped in the healing of the soul of a person during the end of life for a peaceful transition. She now teaches Mediumship and attuning to Saint Padre Pio’s energy.

She connects with your loved ones on the other side to bring evidence they are always with you, that you are not alone. They know what is going on in your everyday life and even help you from heaven. You will receive healing messages, some may be that you need to hear to direct you in life.

Saint Padre Pio feast day
Fundraiser, Amityville NY July 2019
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