The Light of Saint Padre Pio  
Fall 2023

For many years, I have been blessed with channeling Saint Padre Pio and facilitating many healings through the essence of his soul. St. Padre Pio has requested and channeled this class. He wants to be part of your everyday life to bring you serenity. He brings light to those that are suffering mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

This is a beginner’s class for any individual who wants to learn about Saint Padre Pio, be attuned to his beautiful sacred energy, and connect with his essence. 

The class consists of the following:   

  • I will briefly  my story of how he has changed my life, and how he can change yours.
  • How he assisted me with healing my own body and spirit; which you can benefit from as well.
  • Assisting you with opening your own awareness to Saint Padre Pio. I will briefly go over how to make your sacred space,  protection,  the CLAIRS’s,  your chakras, and the different ways to know you are open to receiving and connecting.
  • Learning the techniques to connect with him step by step.
  • Guided mediation to meet and connect with him.  You will receive your own signal/sign that is unique to you, letting you know Saint Padre Pio is with you.
  • I will work closely with you to not only guide you, but make sure you are connected to him and understand the process.  
  • Participate in a follow-up Zoom meeting two weeks after this class for any questions or concerns that you may have    
  • You will get attuned to his sacred energy that will integrate into your physical body giving you your own unique blessings, activations, and personal relationship with him.
  • Trance-channeled group messages from Saint Padre Pio
  • A special thank you note from Saint Padre Pio and I for attending this class

As  a participant in this first class, you will receive these special gifts:

  • Prayer Card and medal
  • Padre Pio Song 
  • 2 oz Bottle of Saint Padre Pio Sacred Oil
  • Holy Water 
  • Saint Padre Pio Flameless Votive Candle

The Price for this class is  $222.00 and is capped at 12 participants. If you are attending this class, please Venmo payment @Rosemarie-Hall-1 which will guarantee your seat. There are NO REFUNDS.

Water and light snacks will be provided. Please feel free to bring a light lunch. The clubhouse has a microwave and refrigerator. There will be a short break mid-class.