Client Testimonials

“I just had to share a recent experience, because it would be selfish of me to keep this gorgeous, talented, loving and extremely gifted beauty all to myself. For several years I’ve been complaining about feeling pressure in my head. I’ve been to doctors and was told that it was a “tension” headache. “Take migraine medicine” Is what I was told. Over the years it’s gotten worse. So the other night I had a dear friend do a healing on me. I trust her implicitly and know that she only brings forth healing from the Divine. When she began Padre Pio stepped forth along with Jeshua. I could feel their presence and knew that I was in good hands as Rosemarie described to me exactly what they were doing. Next St. Germaine stepped in to assist along with St. Peregrine. I felt completely immersed in Divine healing energy. I felt absolutely safe and held. St. Peregrine took me to the beach to release past traumas that I was holding on to. This healing was beautiful and sacred to say the least. Yesterday for the first time in a long time I woke up without the “Tension Headache” and I grinned from ear to ear and felt so blessed. FYI when I say tension headache what I’m really saying is it felt like my head/skull was being crushed in a Vice. I have an extremely high tolerance to pain, but this was excruciating. If you’ve been suffering with something for a long time, suffering is a choice!!! All illness comes from the mind, yes I know it feels really real but you’re only feeling it because it’s something that you’re holding onto in the mind. Once you allow yourself to feel the trauma, and know where it began you can let it go and Rosemarie can help you too!”

— Debbie Raspardi,
Long Distance Divine Healing Experience

“Last night I had a reading with Rosemarie. It was the first time I had ever met with her. I found her to be very friendly and easy to talk to. I had wanted to connect with my parents and I did! So many of my thoughts and the signs I have been getting were validated. Rosemarie was very patient and kind. I .look forward to meeting with her again!”

— Andrea Wool

“I just want to thank you for doing your healing over my mom, as you know she was dying and in really bad shape in the ICU and after you did what you did she got so much better ove night and now she’s not dying.”

“I believe in what you do and it really worked. That’s the only thing I can say helped her was you. I know what you do truly works! I witnessed all of it.”

— Maria Cerbone, Bronx NY
In Person Healing with Saint Padre Pio

“Rosemarie was accurate, specific and right every time. She was able to connect with a recent boyfriend who passed and even connected with how he died. She was very warm and welcoming and easy to engage with. I recommend her to everyone I know!”

— Nina Perez,Virginia
Mediumship Reading

“I just had a full one hour medium reading with Rosemarie and it was fantastic! She was compassionate, funny and on point with her conveying information which most made sense immediately to me. Recordings are welcome and Rosemarie made special reference to my father, mother and my late son-in-law mentioning things that only I would know as proof of this gift she possesses. I shared this information with my family who were wowed as well.”

“It was very comforting and I’m looking forward to another reading in the near future. Rosemarie…Thank for sharing your wonderful gift with me.”

— Beth F., Long Island NY and Southwest FL


“Just had a reading with Rosemarie, I was literally blown away!! She was so on point, not only did she bring through who I needed to hear from a lot of other family and friends came through. I laughed, I cried, but most of all I got peace. Rosemarie, thank you. May God continue to bless you and bring healing to people who need it.”

— Grace T., Bronx NY
Mediumship Reading


“My sister arranged for me to have a session with Rosemarie as a birthday surprise. I had not been to a medium as a one-on-one participant. I had gone to group sessions but was not read.”

“Rosemarie introduced herself and she explained her process. I was very appreciative for the way in which she made me feel comfortable. Rosemarie was able to channel the energy of some of my family members. Through her description of what she heard and saw, I was able to make some connections. In a couple of cases, I was not certain as to who was coming through and what was the message. After listening to the recording I made a second time around, I was able to connect the dots and figure out who came through and what was the message. Thank you Rosemarie for channeling my loved ones! Thanks Sis for the birthday gift!”

— LouAnne, Brooklyn NY
Mediumship Reading


“I am writing this testimonial to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for Rosemarie. She helped me connect with many of my loved ones who have passed away. Words cannot adequately convey the profound impact this experience has had on my life.”

“From the moment I met Rosemarie at Pod Spa in Long Beach, I felt an immediate sense of comfort and reassurance. Her warm and compassionate demeanor instantly put me at ease and her humor was amazing!”

“Rosemarie demonstrated an extraordinary ability to channel the energy and essence of those who have crossed over. Her accuracy and specificity in relaying messages and information from my dad was truly awe-inspiring. It was as if he was in the room with us, his presence palpable and his words filled with love, wisdom, and guidance.”

“I had such an amazing experience at Pod Spa and immediately wanted to connect again soon! During a private Group zoom meeting, Rosemarie’s ability to accurately describe personalities, memories, and even physical appearances of my departed loved ones left me in awe. She conveyed messages that only my loved ones and I would know, providing undeniable evidence of their continued existence beyond the physical realm. The reassurance and comfort I felt in knowing that my loved ones are still with me, watching over and guiding me, is indescribable.”

“Not only did Rosemarie facilitate these incredible connections, but she also provided me with invaluable insights and guidance. They helped me understand the lessons and messages my loved ones were trying to convey, offering me a sense of closure, healing, and peace that I had been longing for.”

“Throughout the entire process, Rosemarie exhibited the utmost professionalism, empathy, and respect. Her genuine care and dedication to her work was evident in every interaction, making the experience all the more meaningful and transformative. After the group zoom reading, I immediately referred my mom and aunt in Syracuse for a zoom reading!”

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have met Rosemarie, for her extraordinary gift and her willingness to share it with us. She has provided me with a renewed sense of hope, comfort, and connection that I will forever cherish.”

“If you are seeking to connect with your loved ones who have passed away, I wholeheartedly recommend this gifted medium. She has truly changed my life, and I am eternally grateful for the profound healing and guidance she gifted me and my family.”

—Jessica Streeter, Long Beach, NY
Mediumship Group Readings


“What a beautiful reading Gianna had. She let me listen to the recording, and my stepfather who raised me is named Arthur lol. You were referencing the movie, and you were also right on with the person who passed away from a heart attack. Our very, very good friend just passed away last month of a heart attack, he rode a motorcycle was in a motorcycle club, and his wife is named Dolores , which you had mentioned a number of times. He definitely was saying hello. You were also on point with Gianna’s health and going back to school ! So amazing reading. I actually called our friend Scott’s wife Dolores, and she was thrilled. He came through. She’s going to make her way up here on Saturday to get out of the house and spend some time with us so I just wanted to say thank you again for your beautiful gift.”

— Kim & Gianna W., New Jersey
Mediumship Reading


“I highly recommend Rosemarie to anyone who would like to reach out to a loved one they lost. She brings patience, a bit of humor and a high vibrational experience to her readings. She took the time to give me a special appointment for a unique situation that I had. She channels Padre Pio and offers his love and guidance through the process. Her reading was on target and detailed. There was validation after validation given. Rosemarie touched my heart with her words and visions. It is a gift to be able to reach a loved one that is so missed! Rosemarie is the connection between two worlds. Her readings are truthful and positive. I highly recommend her to help answer some lost questions and connect to loved ones that have crossed over.”

— Maria S., Staten Island


“Rosemarie is blessed with her amazing connection with spirit. My sister and I had a truly wonderful experience with her and I will never forget it. Rosemarie’s humor and laughter was the best. I’m so grateful that I am able to share all the messages that came thru with my family. Thank you my loves and thank you Rosemarie!”

— Colleen & Doreen, Syracuse, NY
Mediumship Reading


“For anyone who has not yet attended one of Rosemarie’s healing events, I urge you to try one. I have been to many of them and am always blown away by the energy that is shifted during one of her events. Last night was by far the best ever. The Archangels, Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary, Padre Pio, and AA Raphael not only made an appearance but touched each and every one of us. As a healer myself I physically see and feel energy and at times I was moved to tears by all of the healing and support shown by those just on the other side of the veil. I feel so blessed to have been in attendance last night. Rosemarie Nasta-Hall I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up and sharing your beautiful gifts and for being a clear and open Channel in which the healing energy flows freely. I love you and I thank you!”

— Debra Raspardi, Long Island NY
In Person Healing Experience


“Rosemarie is one of the most gifted mediums and healers I have ever worked with (and I have been fortunate enough to have worked with those considered world-class in their field). Not only is she extremely gifted, but she is kind, caring, compassionate, and so funny, which made my experience with her all the more meaningful and enjoyable. She helped connect me to those I lost and provided me with so much comfort and peace knowing they are okay and still very much connected to those they leave behind. I have no doubt Rosemarie will soon be recognized and considered the same caliber of medium and healer as the household names you already know. Book an appointment with her while you can!”

— Alison L., New York


“Rosemarie, I really wanted to thank you for the beautiful experience last week with the divine healing trance on zoom! I found so much comfort in your words, and I was brought to tears. I really feel like I was able to let go of things that no longer serve me. I also feel that the messages that came through were so personal. You have a true gift!!”

— Colleen Parigen
Online Healing Experience


“Last night was truly a beautiful evening with Rosemarie. It was amazing how she trance channeled the divine. I love how the energy just flows in the salt cave.”

“My personal message was definitely very validating. It included a mention of something I am personally dealing with grief and there is no one that knows, except the soul spirit. The scent of roses and light touching of my hair, a wiping of my tears. I could hear “It’s going to be okay.” A weight now lifted, and healing.”

“Thank you Debora Raspardi for playing your sound bowls which was the perfect complement for our healing meditation. Rosemarie, thank you for last night and all you do. I am so blessed and thankful for our friendship. I know it was St Padre Pio that brought us together. I love you!!!”

— Christine Ruggerio
Salt Cave Event Experience



“What an incredible captivating evening at the Pod Spa in Long Beach with Rosemarie Nasta-Hall. The evening started off with an enlightening lesson of communicating with spirit & the signs to be aware of followed by a profound guided meditation in preparation for the gallery style readings which Rosemarie not only connected to many loved ones which were validated  but presented some of her connections in a very comical entertaining way. She has been blessed with the gift of healing with Saint Padre Pio and the divine  & intuitive mediumship which she unselfishly shares especially with those suffering both physically & mentally. If the opportunity presents itself attend one of her events!”

— Anne Keill, Long Island
Mediumship workshop w/ Group Reading Salt Cave



“Rosemarie Nasta-Hall has been a source of great healing, prayer and connection to my loved ones that passed.. she is the epitome of truth & the most authentic person I know in her field. I will be participating in her online events.”

— Lisa & Joe A., Staten Island
Online Event


“Today I had an amazing Mediumship reading via Facetime with Rosemarie. She brought up very personal things that were highly valid to me! Her gift is real and my reading was so on point!! Blessed to have shared time with her.”

— Kim Woolridge, New Jersey


“I just need to thank Rosemarie for her prayers, a dear friend of my sister had battled cancer, for a while and was at the end of her life…I sent Rosemarie a picture her and she offered to pray on her photo for healing. One day after she passed. I know we would all like to receive miracles and cures for the person to be completely healed, and nothing more than them to stay with us in this life, but reality is that I believe this was a divine healing, she passed quickly and peacefully with the help and healing prayers to Padre Pio. Rosemarie Nasta-Hall has a healing gift , I’m happy to give this testimony in her honor. I’m happy our paths crossed and looking forward and hoping to meet her one day. God bless you.”

— Anna O’Sullivan
Sacred Transitioning for End of Life



“Thank you Rosemarie for my reading and my spirits too! I’m so glad I took advantage of your special you had. The holidays are a tough time for me missing my husband this reading is going to help me get through the holidays! You and spirit where able to validate that they’re with me and see everything! Thank you!”

—Lisa O’Cone, New Jersey Shore
Mediumship Reading



“I love love love Ro’s clearing soap. I use it to wash my face and neck off if I had an interaction with a negative person that day or got into argument with someone. It really works to ash away the negativity from your aura!! The healing soap is really nice. Gives me a peaceful feeling .This would be a great gift if you know of someone who is sick with a chronic illness. But the oils are good for that too. I love that Rosemarie is doing the roll-ons now, I only have the bottles of oil.”

— Beth Rice, Ohio
Healing and Clearing Soap



“Rosemarie is absolutely amazing. So many people connected to me. It was so validating. It helped me to account for the many spiritual connections I had, of which were people I least expected to come through. I had a dream 14 years ago, that I will never forget.I believe this was a visit in my dream. My friend came through during the reading and validated that it was a visit and not just a dream. Very healing and comforting. I’m a believer. Spirits are around us. We are going to a good place.”

—Sandy N., Westchester NY



“Thank you for being your pure true self. Many of us walk this earth masquerading the raw truth of our lives pretending everything is okay. In reality we all struggle with everything you brought forth this night. I myself love to be around people who present their truths bearing reality. It puts me at ease to accept your gifts knowing you have presented your truths. I love the comedic part of you as I am the same. As they say laughter is the best medicine. When you can heal the wounds of body and mind your life can free itself of that clutter and noise. Thank you for your gifts. Keep being your genuine self as that’s the best reality and gift of all. Your aura of bright yellow glowed and then became white surrounded by yellow….keep shining bright!”

— Marisa M., Suffolk County, Long Island
Healing Event



“An incredible evening with divine, filled with warm energy. The meditation was wonderful, I felt like I released and let go. Rosemarie, thank you for sharing your gift of healing, so grateful and thankful. Looking forward to my next experience with you!”

— Sandra C., Nassau County, Long Island
Healing Event


“It was an amazing experience!!! You have an amazing gift!”

—Laura Rosario, Suffolk County Long Island
Healing Event



“I used the St. Pio Oil for both my daughter who had a dog bite on foot and my Husband on his hand and both healed from their injuries. My husband is recovering from Quad surgery. So any injury is not good. My daughter was playing with our dog and her foot got in the way of the toy she was kicking. Bless that you came into our lives!”

—Mary M., Long Island
Sacred Oil Experience


“Thank you to Rosemarie for taking the time to give me a reading. She is an amazing loving soul. I received so many validations from my husband and healing of my grief. My heart is so much lighter. Thank you again.”

—Lisa O’Cone, NJ
Mediumship Reading



“I rubbed the Padre Pio oil with the card prayer days before my Rheumatology appointment after testing for a severe autoimmune illness. I took my card with me to the Drs Appointment. My tests came back as negative for autoimmune. The Dr said to continue now with life. I love you, Padre Pio. I am forever grateful for your oil. Thank you all for the beautiful prayers. I truly appreciate them. Once again thank you so much Rosemarie Nasta-Hall for the wonderful journey with Padre Pio.”

—Ever M.,
Sacred Oil Experience



“Thank you Rosemarie for the special healing for my 7-year-old son that ended up in a beautiful combination of healing and reading. We received so many validations and messages that brought so much peace into our hearts. Thank you for teaching and guiding my son spiritually through these new and scary experiences that he is going through. He felt so relaxed during the healing and as he expressed afterward, “you took away my fears and gave me comfort” (which he really needed). He has been practicing what you taught him, using your special oils, prayer cards, and sprays daily to help him cope. You are a true Blessing not only to adults but also to children!”

—Maria Oujo, Bronx NY
Long Distance Healing & Mediumship (DUO Session)



“I attended an Online Event on Zoom with Rosemarie. She channeled Saint Michael. She taught about him, things he will do to help us and we did a beautiful meditation that she guided for him to cut cords, take away negativity and so much more. I felt his beautiful healing energy.”

—Patricia R., L.I.
Online Event



“I have Coco, my dog, who you may all know is sick with a lot of issues the Saint Francis oil in her food every day a little squirt and since she has been sick she has gotten many healings from Ro …when first diagnosed 2 years ago she would be lucky to make a week,I truly believe between Ro and her wonderful doctors treating her holistically and medicine she’s been able to fight to be here and play still at times eat drink and be loved.”

—Margaret Falco, LI
Long Distance Healing & Sacred Oil Experience



“Thank you so much Rosemarie for this beautiful page and a great place for others to share healing with each other. My kittens were doing well and I used Rosemarie‘s Saint Francis oil. Within one day and tender loving care, both kittens are doing very well. I highly suggest you have a bottle of St. Francis oil from Rosemarie just in case any Love for babies could use.”

—Susan Cinetti, Long Island
Sacred Oil Experience



“I just want to give a huge shout out to our own Rosemarie Nasta-Hall. I had the honor of receiving healing from her yesterday and I just wanted to share my experience.

“As a healer myself I sometimes tense up when receiving healings almost as though I’m terrified as to what’s going to happen.
Yesterday I had absolutely no fear. I know that Roe holds herself and everyone in the highest of light, in the highest of love. It truly was a beautiful blessing.

“If you’ve never received healing from Roe I highly recommend that you do. She worked in areas that I had no idea needed help.

“Sometimes we become so focused on healing everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. Setting up an appointment for yourself to receive healing is truly an act of self-love.Thank you Roe for always holding space for me and putting me at ease. I love you.”

—Debra Raspardi, LI
Long Distance Healing



“Today you were on my list to call, the round goat’s Milk Soap with the oils of the saints and Mother Mary was wonderful. I had a Tough night of readings energy was very low. I came home soaked up and I felt everything just melting off my body. I gave some of the other soap to the other psychics I was working with so I’ll get feedback from them but definitely more of the round so love it, love it! Thank you.”

—Sue Tirino, L.I.
Clearing Scrub Soap



“My daughter gave me a bottle of Jesus oil for my pain from my lower back to my thighs to my knee. Used the oil for three days pain disappeared am walking without Walker. I have had this pain for over two years. Many different doctors, many different kinds of injections, many therapies, and no relief until now, Miracle!”

—Carmen Donino, Florida
Sacred Oil



“Rosemarie performed a distance healing crossing over prayer and meditation for my brother who was dying of Liver Cancer in Kentucky. My brother was diagnosed in September 2019 and passed away on December 12, 2019, while in hospice. Rosemarie provided healing and comfort via Facetime for my brother. She meditated with the guidance and assistance of Padre Pio and the Angels. It was beautiful and I could feel the presence of divine spirit in the room. My brother could not see her but he heard her. He would respond with a mumble at times and make a movement with his arms and legs. It was then that I realized that he could hear her and feel her presence. It gave me comfort knowing that my brother was reacting and receiving the healing he needed with Rosemarie, Padre Pio, the Angels and family members who have previously crossed over. My brother was not alone during that time of his death. My brother had a comforting smile on his face when he took his last breath as if he were saying goodbye and hello at the same time. I’m am so thankful for Rosemarie and her gift of healing & communicating with Divine Spirit! My brother told her that she made it easy for him to cross over and he thanked her. My brother left peacefully.”

—Emily, New York
Sacred Transition for End of Life



“Thank you, Rosemarie, for your knowledge, help, and the miracle oils and sprays that you make with love to help people. Both of my children have been having difficulty sleeping. Lately, my daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night with bad nightmares, lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to over 2 hours and my son is scared to sleep by himself. I have tried everything I remembered from my grandmother (she is no longer alive to guide me) and nothing has been working anymore. I decided to contact Rosemarie a couple of days ago and explained my situation to her and asked her for guidance. She recommended using her oils and spray. I happened to have St. Michael’s spray and St. Theresa’s oil from an event I had attended a while back, so I have been using both with them and THANKFULLY to great miracles, both my children have been sleeping well and my daughter has not been waking up scared!!!! There are no words to express my gratitude Rosemarie Nasta-Hall!!! I have enjoyed her online zoom healings and attended some of her mediumship classes as well. She has taught me so much.”

—Maria Oujo, Bronx NY
“Sacred Oils Experience”


“Last night I had my first mediumship reading with Rosemarie Nasta-Hall it was my first time and I was a little scared as I didn’t know what to expect. She was right on the money with things that were accurate. I remained with my mouth open on how right on she was!! She had never met me and didn’t know me so there was no way she could have come up with these things. Our session was very satisfying and put my mind and heart at ease! I would highly recommend her. I would have her give me another reading in the near future. She made me believe in the spirits as I was totally at peace after the reading. Thank you for letting me believe again she truly is a very spiritual person so thank you for coming into my life with great reading!”

—Nancy S., Delray Beach, Florida
Mediumship Reading

“This afternoon I had a wonderful reading with Rosemarie. My grandfather who recently passed away came through and brought a message that only I would understand. It was very accurate! My grandmother also came through with Padre Pio. This made a lot of sense because my grandmother had gone to Padre Pio’s masses when she lived in Italy. He came through and blessed my family and my grandmother sent messages that made perfect sense to me. Padre Pio gave me some messages of guidance too. It was very special! Thank you, Rosemarie!”

—Dana, Long Island
Mediumship Reading

“I want to thank Rosemarie for the beautiful healing she has given me. My good friend Joanne gifted this to me, and it was a wonderful experience. Words really cannot describe it. I was blessed with healing from Rosemarie and Padre Pio who were joined by many other Saints. It was such an extraordinary experience that brought me to tears at the end. I felt such warm and loving energy throughout the entire session.

“Rosemarie was in a different physical location talking to me over the phone, yet she was able to describe how healing was being directed to me by herself, Padre Pio, St. Francis, St. Anthony, St. Peregrine, and St. Therese – which matched what I was experiencing in my room away from Rosemarie. Although she was not physically here, it felt to me as if she was right beside me the whole time. The energy and touch I felt were so beautiful, warm, comforting, and loving. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have had this experience and so honored to have been touched by Rosemarie, Padre Pio, and the other beautiful Saints. Thank you, Rosemarie, you are so special. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am so grateful for the healing and beautiful messages that I received.”

— Sue M, Long Island
Long Distance Healing



“I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and attend a healing event with Rosemarie Nasta-Hall. It was such a great experience. The healing that Roe brought through Padre Pio, St. Anthony, Jesus & the Blessed Mother was so powerful and brought such peace and comfort to me. The blessed oils are a very great gift for healing. When you attend, you will be amazed. Love and light to you, Rosemarie Nasta-Hall.”

—E. F., Nassau, NY
Healing Event



“Hi Rosemarie, First, thank you for the healing work you had done for our beloved dog Guelah. She’s is doing well and has fully recovered. On Sunday, December 8th, 2019, I had awoken to at 3 AM to my beloved Chihuahua mix, Guelah, lying unresponsive in the bathroom. There was vomit and diarrhea all around the room, as it appears she had eaten something she was not supposed to. We found a full mushroom in her vomit and assumed that his may have been culprit, but we can’t rule out that she may have consumed something else that was toxic (i.e. rat poison) from our neighbor’s yard. Guelah was rushed to the Veterinary Hospital and immediately worked upon. The staff there were concerned about the seriousness of the state she was in.

“While I waiting at the hospital, my wife Stephanie was on the phone with Rosemarie. Little did I know, that Rosemarie is a healer, not one that needs to be present at the bedside, but one that can use her psychic powers to transcend distance and delve deep into a recipient’s body and cure them on a physiological basis. Over the next three days as Guelah stayed in the veterinary hospital, Rosemarie did her work. Delving deep into Guelah’s body, Rosemarie pushed Guelah’s digestive tract and detoxifying organs to purge itself of the toxins and promote the vital strength to rebuild in Guelah’s little body. With the help of her saintly friends, Rosemarie saved Guelah’s life. Guelah was released from the hospital on December 10th, having made a full recovery. The doctors at the hospital had mentioned that the degree and rate of Guelah’s recovery were miraculous and that they had not seen anything like this before. Thank you, Rosemarie, as I know you had a large part to do with this! I greatly appreciate the work you had put in, and am forever grateful for you saving my beloved Guelah!”

—Justin Beller, Texas
Long Distance Healing Miracle Story!



“I am a 9-year breast cancer survivor. When I turned 50. I went for my first colonoscopy. I should of went sooner given my history but life sometimes gets the better of you and I wasn’t having any symptoms. Oct 21t, as the day of my procedure. The procedure itself went well however the Dr advised 3 polyps were removed and biopsied. I had a submucosal nodule that would most likely require surgery. I was to go home and make an earlier follow-up appt to see him. On Oct 31st, I went to see the doctor for my results. They were NOT good. There was Cancer. I was advised that I needed to have another colonoscopy, a cat scan of my abdominal area, a CEA blood test to check for any high elevations which would indicate any cancer in my body. I was horrified. How could this be happening to me again? The night of my healing was a couple of days before my cat scan. Rosemarie called me and we did the healing over the phone. Rosemarie said Padre Pio and St Peregrine were praying over me and giving the healing energy to the area of cancer and other areas. She told me step by step what she and the saints were doing during the healing. I received personal messages from them that had to do with my emotions. They then said to me I would be ok. This issue was resolved (cancer) and that whatever it was is very small now. A couple of days later my CEA blood work came back normal, my cat scan showed no evidence of cancer anywhere. I still needed to go through the repeat colonoscopy which was scheduled on Dec 6th. Well, yesterday Dec 26th I went for the follow-up appointment to discuss the results. There was no evidence of cancer anywhere. I was thrilled. I am however to go back in 3 months for another colonoscopy just to be 100 % all is good. I truly believe Rosemarie and the Saints helped me along with lots of prayer and the sacred oils. I am grateful and I am truly blessed to have experienced such a miracle.”

— Anita Ryan, Long Island
Online Long-Distance Healing MIRACLE Story and Sacred Oil Experience



“There have been many times that my dog and cats needed the help of Saint Francis—and my friend Roe has always been my prayer ally. When I ask her to pray for a lost cat, a dog who needs a home, or a stray who is sick or injured, there is always a good outcome—even in the direst circumstances. She truly has a special direct line to the saints. I have used the oil of the Saints on my cats and they have got better.”

— Nancy Jones, Bronx, NY
Sacred Oil Experience


“Yesterday I went to the very first GLOW event. A dear friend of mine Rosemarie Nasta-Hall was there as a vendor and had channeled these beautiful cards from St. Padre Pio. Yesterday when I got home I pulled this beautiful card called “LIFE LESSONS.” This morning when I went to pull a card it flew out of the deck again and wanted to be shared. Enjoy and if you’d like your own deck because each card is absolutely beautiful and uplifting, you can contact Rosemarie directly.”

—Debbie R., Long Island
St. Padre Pio Cards

“Thank you for last night’s readings and healing. It was beautiful, especially when Padre Pio came into the room. I saw a silhouette of a side view of his face on your left side. It was miraculous. There were similarities (piggybacking) in your reading, but I know my family came through. You were definitely connecting with my father in law Joseph. Later when Padre Pio came through, I felt a peaceful calmness and today my arthritis in my hand is not hurting, although I applied my Padre Pio oil on it. You are truly blessed and gifted. God Bless you.”

“Thank you again for my angelic spray, it immediately brought tremendous positive energy to my husband and myself! I am truly grateful for this wonderful site and all the blessing since joining! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

—Carolyn Fiorgione, LI
Mediumship Reading



“Rosemarie…you are the real deal. Thanks for your energy, your time, your compassion, & for your skills.”

—Keith Cottrell
Mediumship Reading



“I had the most amazing experience with Roe! First of all, Roe was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I wasn’t sure what to expect but she gave me a great reading where she was able to connect with my grandfather. She was definitely very accurate during the reading and said some things that only I would know. Honestly, being able to connect with my grandfather was definitely something that I needed during a hard time in my life. It was a very healing and unforgettable experience! She has an incredible gift and I 100% recommend! Thank you again, it was amazing!”

—Christina M., Bronx, NY
Mediumship Reading



“I was fortunate enough to attend Rosemarie’s event in Rochester NY at the Italian American center and it will go down in my memory as a beautiful experience. Rosemarie took the group through a guided meditation and healing session in which loved ones who have crossed over met us and shared their love. She then gave messages to all in the group which was well beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life. Rosemarie is a very kind and loving person who gladly shares her knowledge and gift with all she encounters. Highly recommended to anyone who needs healing in their life.”

—Ron T., Rochester NY
Healing Event



“The testimonies of the people you’ve helped were very heart moving! You are a truly gifted person. Thank you for letting us be a part of this event and thank you for the wonderful reading last week. I’m looking forward to meeting with you for personal healing”.

—Pat I., Bronx, NY
Long Distance



“I attended several of your events they were amazing and so heartwarming. One of the events I bought the oil from St Francis for animals. Since I have several fur babies I brought them home a gift of oils. A few weeks later my one dog Scarlett got bite by a rare spider that burrows in tree sap so its venom eats whatever it bites. It was on her tail the Vet thought for sure she might lose her tail after days of stressing out and medicating and praying I remembered I had the oils!!! I started putting the oil around the tail (not on it) and would say a pray to St Francis. I started seeing results and my dog looked happy and wanted me to put the oil on her. I feel it was a miracle that she didn’t lose her tail and today she is a happy Doodle.”

—Mary Albanese, Long Island
St. Francis Oil Experience



“I want to start off by saying I have never met Rosemarie until the day of my reading! She asked me if I would like to sit by the water to do the reading and of course, I said yes! To me, that was a very good sign because water has always been around me! A lot of people came through and Rosemarie was absolutely on the money with everyone that came through and everything they had to say! As soon as she started she asked me if I knew Robert and I said no because I didn’t know Robert on the other side so I thought! As she was reading and people were coming through she kept saying to me Robert’s really being persistent and getting mad he just said he’ll be back in my response was OK! Well Robert came back in full colors she said to me Robert’s back he has a bandanna around his forehead he’s on a motorcycle he’s touching his head like he hit his head and he has a patch on and he shaking his head and saying I had two patches I gasp for air because I knew who Robert was. Nobody ever called him that so. So many people didn’t even know his real name was Robert who is my childhood friend till he went and crossed over to the other side from the old neighborhood! Mickey came through he had a lot to say about the accident a lot to say about his life which everything that came out of Rosemarie ‘s mouth was correct and there’s no way she would’ve ever known this cause some stuff was really personal! She said to me he’s constantly smiling and what a personality he has—damn straight he had the best personality you would ever meet on this earth! Then other people came through family members once again just everything was so accurate then all of a sudden I saw a difference in Rosemarie ‘s face and she looked at me and she said did you have a child. My legs begin to feel like lead and I could not breathe and I finally I said why. She said because Mickey is here holding a little girl with red hair in his arms and he wants you to know he’s got her, we all have her and she’s waiting here for you and we will be here together when you get here! I’ve been going to mediums for a long time my little girl has never come through till now! Everything Rosemarie had said and described is right on the money that’s all I can say she is the real deal for sure she has a gift I hope she can help people the same way she just helped me after waiting 39 years.”

—Donna Ruthman, NJ
Mediumship Reading



“Rosemarie is the real deal. She is personable, professional, honest, and very good at what she does! I had a reading with her via web-conference, and I was a little skeptical about what she’d be able to read from ‘afar’ but she really surprised me with the things she was able to pick up. She shared things with me from my loved ones that she could not have known if she didn’t hear it from them! I’m a true believer and I highly recommend her!”

—Trisha T., California
Mediumship Reading



“Thank you for coming to the Gathering of the Light. It was a beautiful experience for both my husband and me to receive your healing powers. We were also sending healing prayers to all our loved ones in need at this moment. Thanks again and hope to see you soon! Blessings!”

—Carmen Cuadros
Healing Event



“Thank you for the meditation last evening. When you said you might get chills…. right after I did immediately. Afterward, I laid very still and felt a large presence to the left. My grandmother who is my best support. There was more can’t remember and I was too tired to write it down. Felt so relaxed.”

—S. F. (Facebook Online Event)



>”It was a wonderful experience thank you so much for sharing your brilliance!”

—P. Bagchi
Online Healing



“Rosemarie, you are true “Heaven sent”! What an amazing night of Healing with Padre Pio on 5-17-19. You truly are blessed to be a messenger of the saints, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus Christ. You bring comfort to those who lost their loved ones, heal those who are afflicted, and bring a sense of peace to those who are troubled. God Bless you and I hope you can reach more people with your gifts.”

—Lisa Tsatas, NYC
Healing Event



“Rosemarie Nasta, what an amazing intimate event last night on Arthur Avenue! Thank you for sharing your incredible gift of healing with us! So, blessed!”

—Ellen Sweeney Renjifo
Healing Event



“WOW!!! I cannot thank Rosemarie Nasta-Hall enough for a wonderful spiritual evening. I attended Rosemarie’s Faith & Healing with St. Padre Pio & the Divine event last night, and it was absolutely purely amazing. The healing meditation with the Saints was so powerful that I could feel their loving presence surrounding me; healing me throughout the entire meditation. I felt like I was being blessed by the Divine Spirit. I had such an inner peaceful feeling that made me feel good. Rosemarie has a beautiful gift that everyone should experience. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to attend one of her healing events. You will be blown away by her ability to connect to the Divine. She is the real deal. Thanks again, Rosemarie! I absolutely loved it.”

—Emily, Long Island
Healing Event



“I had an amazing time last night. It was wonderful, thank you so much I will say that I haven’t slept well in months last night. I’ve had the best sleep that I’ve had in a really long time. I had a stroke 16 months ago that was a complication during aneurysm surgery and sleep is so important to healing the brain thank you so much. I can’t wait to go to your next event.”

—Christine U. M., Long Island
Long Distance Healing Group



“Thank you so very much Rosemarie for the wonderful phone conversation we had last week in which Saint Padre Pio came through for you to relay beautiful and pin-point messages for me. He verified to you for me about a special visit he gave to me through a dream of mine last April in which he told you that he had come to me to give me a special blessing. That visit in my dream by this holiest saint was very special to me and indeed a true blessing. My second book, We All Have A Destiny…which is almost available to purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, is along with my parents dedicated to Saint Padre Pio. This was done even before my dream visit by him. I believe that Rosemarie has a special gift from God that she is willing to share with the world. There were at least a dozen special messages that came through, some from my book that involves my main character Pio, who admires Padre Pio as I do, that no one could have known because the book is not available yet and other things about my life as well that were exact. These messages brought me to tears and it was an experience I will never forget. Thank you again Rosemarie Nasta-Hall for sharing your gift with me during that most special phone conversation!!! God bless you always.”

—Nick Cascione, California
Author of We All Have A Destiny, At the Hour of Our Death


“I gave Saint Oil to both my daughter who had a dog bite on her foot and my Husband on his hand and both healed from their injuries. My husband is recovering from Quad surgery and My daughter was playing with our dog. Bless that you came into our lives!”

—Mary Geddes-Morhart
Sacred Oil Experience


“I attended the event last January in Melville on Long Island. I had purchased tix for my mom, my cousin, and me—it was a gift for my cousin who has Scleroderma because she was getting worse by the day. She’d been to so many doctors to help her Trouble swallowing, losing weight, skin tightening/hardening, and the list went on… Fast forward to this Christmas and my cousin has gained weight and her symptoms seem to no longer be deteriorating. She is looking healthier and feeling better. I discovered the event on FB just before Christmas, 2017, and thought someone was trying to tell me something. And, I was right!

“This summer, a cousin-in-law (husband of another cousin) went into cardiac arrest while undergoing a relatively minor surgical procedure—he has a cardiac history and diabetes. He was in a medically induced coma, but the outcome was far from positive. I went to keep my cousin company at the hospital and gave her the medal and the small vial of Padre Pio Oil I had received at the event last January. Her husband was with us for Christmas, looking better than he has in a while. He suffers from phantom pains where some toes had to be removed (a few years ago), but he’s alive and doing better.

“The energy and healing I felt at that event last January was like nothing I have ever experienced before or since. I am so grateful that your event popped up on my Facebook stream that day! And, I look forward to ones in the future. Thank you for following this special calling and for sharing it.”

—Denise Rossi
Sacred Oil Experience/Miracle Story



“18-year-old Zachary was in a horrific car accident on April 24th. The family was not given many details, only that his car flipped multiple times and he was ejected from the vehicle, sustaining a very severe injury to the right side of his brain. They were told multiple times during the first few days that he would not survive. When he did in fact survive those first days, they were told that if by some miracle he should survive this, he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life, because the damage to his brain was so very severe. Zachary was in the ICU for 3 weeks, and in that time, he did become conscious and somewhat responsive (although the family did not know if his mental faculties were intact at this time and he was paralyzed on the entire left side of his body) At this time Zachary was transferred to a Rehabilitation Hospital.

“In the meantime, Rosemarie received a text from a friend if she could pray and give oil to Zac. Padre Pio came to Rosemarie showing her an image of Maria praying in the hospital chapel with the rosary in her hands amongst other images. He then told her tell her Zac will be ok and where to put the oil on him. Rosemarie called Julie to offer her the oil and relay these messages. Julie validated them because she been by Zac’s mother’s side the whole time.

“It was there that his mother applied the Padre Pio oil. The rate of Zachary’s recovery at the rehabilitation hospital astounded the doctors and therapists there, and when he was transferred back to the original Hospital for additional surgery, all the doctors and nurses there were also astounded to see the progress he had made in the three weeks that he was at the rehab hospital. It has been over a year from this horrific accident that almost took his life, Zachary is walking, talking, writing music, playing his guitar and drums, playing video games, and his mental faculties are 100% intact.

—Maria, Long Island
Sacred Oil Experience



“I was at a St. Padre Pio event and it has changed my life in the best way possible. Healing and meditation were mind-blowing. I purchased the blessed oils and they are powerful”.

—Debbie I.,
Long Distance Healing



“I had the pleasure of attending the St. Padre Pio event in April 2018. I purchased the 4 pack of the oils for myself and multiples oils for others, and have since ordered more online to give family and friends. A family member had choked and as rushed to the ER, incubated and in ICU. Things were scary. The second day that she was in there I applied the St. Padre Pio oil to her forehead and a spot on each arm. She was hooked up to multiple machines and did not want to interfere with anything. The next day, her numbers were looking good and I applied more oils to her! The following day her numbers were good enough to remove the ventilator. The doctor, nurses, and therapist seemed shocked at the quick turnaround in her condition! Her aspiration pneumonia and lung were clearing up nicely. There truly was a miracle bestowed upon her from St. Padre Pio! I’ve also used the St. Frances oil on my dog, as well as the St. Padre Pio on myself. These oils are miracles in bottles, Rosemarie is truly gifted and I am blessed to have been touched by these miracles. Please do not miss an opportunity to see her at her event and do not hesitate in buying these oils.”

—Sue Re
Sacred Oil Experience



“I had a Healing session with Rosemarie and it was such a wonderful experience. I felt so relaxed and comforted and I was just completely amazed at the whole experience. She is so truly gifted and I thank God that he brought her into my life. I cannot wait to have another session if you have never had one please treat yourself you won’t be disappointed.”

—Pat Volz
Long Distance Healing


“I took my little Teacup Yorkie, LuLu, to the vet today as I received notification she was due for a shot. While there I mentioned to the doctor that she had developed a growth on her left side and one behind her ear. At first, I thought maybe she had been nicked when I took her to be groomed but when one developed behind her ear and got bigger as well as harder I started to worry. I had been putting the oil on the area and also poured a little in my hand every day and let her lick it. I was worried that these were tumors that had developed and wanted them removed. The vet looked at them, squeezed, and pulled them off. She said they were benign cysts caused by ingrown hair follicles. At that moment I smiled and said to myself, thank you St. Francis, I know it was you!”

—Janice C. Toscano
Sacred Oil Experience


“Thank you for the oils, I am the happiest girl in the world. After 11 years of having a pituitary adenoma and 5 lesions in the brain; my MRI shows everything disappeared. Thank you, Padre Pio, Jesus, the Lord, Mary, all my angels, and saints for this blessing. God is good!”

—Dawnie Cocharelli-Almodovar
Sacred Oil Experience


“I went to Rosemarie’s last healing event with Padre Pio and the divine. I must say that my pain had lessened in my neck and back my headaches from my neck problems are better and I haven’t needed as much pain reliever thank you so much for a wonderful event and experience, everyone should attend one of her events and use her oils.”

—Margaret Ann Falco
Sacred Oil Experience



“I love using the oils, they have helped me and my family in so many ways! I use the St. Peregrine on my breast for my breast cancer and pain when I have it and it instantly goes away. For my son, I use the St. Anthony and St. Padre Pio and his walking and sounds have improved! It’s truly a blessing! Thank you for all you do!”

—Diana Mauceri-Sibilla
Sacred Oil Experience